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Converged Communication Systems is a nationwide telecommunication and data infrastructure consulting, business phone system sales, design, installation, service and maintenance support organization. CCS provides best-in-class solutions with fully managed support options while providing standard, extended, or 24/7 maintenance programs. CCS has certified Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco professionals on staff ready to assist you. Our data support group specializes in Linux, Windows, HP, Dell, Sonicwall, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme and many other manufacturers.
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New Model New Model
1600 Series sets now available for IP Office and ACM.
Wireless IP Wireless IP
IP Dect R4 inexpensive additions for wireless.
New Mobility New Mobility
Integrate mobile phones with One-X connect.
9600 Series 9600 Series
New 9670G H.323 SIP IP Phone & 9600 series available for ACM.
IP 500 System

Avaya IP Office Release 5.0 Bundle Strategy

IP Office California customers can now take advantage of IP Office new bundle strategy with R5.0 release.  The IP Office provides more economical bundles for end users and overall system.  In the future, Avaya will move away from the single license for 1 application and the bundles will be the sole offering.   Ensure you have mapped out your upgrade to R5.0 if you will be looking to add user or system licenses in the future.  Keep in mind there are user and system bundles as well as single licenses available.

IP Office User Productivity Profile Licenses

To better serve small business owners, licenses are now implemented by user profile. In addition to a basic user with no applications enabled (e.g., voicemail box if one of the above system edition has been purchased), there are 3 exclusive user profile licenses in Release 5 which enhance employee productivity:
  1. Mobile Worker

    This profile is targeted at users with mobile devices and no Internet connection to the office, e.g. field sales and service staff who are often on the road. They are provided with functions such as one number access and call control as if "in the office", enabling them to never miss a call.

    Included are:
    • Mobility license - Mobile Twinning, Avaya one-X Mobile Client for IP Office, Mobile call control
    • 3rd Party Text to Speech license

  2. Tele Worker

    This profile is targeted at users who are working from home (or elsewhere) with Internet connection to the office. In conjunction with an Avaya IP Phone (5610, 5621), they are provided which functions enabling them to be a user of the Head Office system, either through the built-in VPN capability of their IP Phone or the ability to leverage the PSTN/ISDN via Telecommuter mode, without incurring any remote phone charges.

    Included are:
    • IP Office VPN Phone license
    • PhoneManager Pro license
    • Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office license

  3. Power User

    This profile is targeted at users with the need for both Mobile Worker and Tele Worker functionality. Additionally, e-mail access to voicemail is provided including synchronization with any IMAP e-mail client (this requires Preferred Edition) as well as a PC softphone to save on call costs when travelling abroad.

    Included are:
    • Everything in Mobile and Tele Worker above plus
    • Unified Messaging Service (UMS) license
    • PhoneManager PC Softphone license


Avaya Single User License and Roles

These exclusive user profiles are complemented by 3 optional add-on user profiles
  1. Receptionist

    This profile is targeted at operators/receptionists and provides a visual PC interface for call handling and management for multiple sites. Up to 4 of these users are supported on each system.

    Included is:
    • 1 SoftConsole license

  2. Customer Service Agent

    This profile is targeted at employees who are responsible for fielding customer service calls. It provides them with a web browser interface to view key statistics in real-time.

    Included is:
    • 1 Customer Call Reporter (CCR) Agent license

  3. Customer Service Supervisor

    This profile enables service supervisors to track, measure and create reports for agent (or a group of agents) productivity via a web browser interface.

    Included is:
    • 1 Customer Call Reporter (CCR) Supervisor license

IP500 Processor

Avaya System Bundles

IP Office System Edition Licenses

There are 3 Editions in Release 5:
  1. Essential Edition (formerly Embedded Voicemail)

    This Edition supports the essential needs of a customer such as a voicemail box for each user, voicemail to e-mail, dial by name and automatic attendant.

    Included is:
    • Embedded Voicemail, 4 Ports

  2. Preferred Edition (formerly VoiceMail Pro)

    In addition to the features provided by the Essential Edition, Preferred Edition supports customer and staff collaboration with functions such as secure "meet me" audio conferencing, call recording, conditional call routing to ensure that the right person receives the call, and graphical flexible programming for customization.

    Included is:
    • VoiceMail Pro License, 4 Ports
    • with optional licenses, a maximum support of 40 ports is possible
    • Meet-me conferencing

  3. Advanced Edition

    This Edition is an add-on to the Preferred Edition. The Advanced Edition supports 24/7 customer service with functions such as tracking and measuring customer service and agent productivity, search & replay of call recordings and integrated voice response. This Edition includes 1 Customer Service Supervisor user license for real-time & historic call reporting to ensure that customer service objectives are measured.

    Included Applications are:
    • CCR Server (plus 1 supervisor license)
    • VoiceMail Pro 3rd Party IVR (database interface) license
    • VoiceMail Pro VB Scripting IVR license
    • Voicemail Pro Contact Store (Recordings Administrators License)

    VoiceMail Pro 8 ports of 3rd-party TTS (i.e. not Avaya/Scansoft TTS) which allow SAPI 5 compliant TTS to be used with VoiceMail Pro

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