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Converged Communication Systems is a nationwide telecommunication and data infrastructure consulting, business phone system sales, design, installation, service and maintenance support organization. CCS provides best-in-class solutions with fully managed support options while providing standard, extended, or 24/7 maintenance programs. CCS has certified Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco professionals on staff ready to assist you. Our data support group specializes in Linux, Windows, HP, Dell, Sonicwall, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme and many other manufacturers.
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Nationwide Voice & Data Sales, Support, Maintenance (877)96-AVAYA

New Model New Model
1600 Series sets now available for IP Office and ACM.
Wireless IP Wireless IP
IP Dect R4 inexpensive additions for wireless.
New Mobility New Mobility
Integrate mobile phones with One-X connect.
9600 Series 9600 Series
New 9670G H.323 SIP IP Phone & 9600 series available for ACM.
Avaya BP

Avaya Authorized Distribution and Nationwide Support and Maintenance Center

CCS has been an Avaya premier partner since March 2003.  CCS sells and supports all Avaya product lines.  CCS is an EXPERT business partner and has received the highest level of technical certifications for all Avaya product lines.  Our team of professionals are here to support you pre-installation and post-installation.  Our voice and data support staff project manages, programs, installs, train, and maintains all products.  Standard business, extended coverage, and CCS critical care (24/7) emergency and priority response is available.

Nortel Installation, Programming, Training, Support and Maintenance Services

In Sept 2009, Avaya has entered into an agreement to purchase Nortel's enterprise business.  CCS has certified Nortel technicians and engineers on staff to help current Nortel customers with upgrade and migration strategies as well as to support and maintain their existing systems.  Avaya has rolled out Aura and Session Manager which allows Avaya phone systems to integrate using SIP to Nortel solutions.  Ask about our webinar training courses to keep customers current on Nortel programming and future roadmap and strategies.  If you need basic support or even more complex Nortel application support, CCS can help.  If you have Bay Stacks or Bay Networks equipment, CCS fully manages and maintains Nortel data solutions.

Cisco Authorized Distributor and Fully Managed Onsite and Remote Support Services

CCS can provide full management of your data network as well as sales and design services for all Cisco products.  If you are looking to deploy a VoIP. SIP, or mix IP telephony PBX, CCS can setup DHCP scope, VLANs, QoS, and all other necessary steps to guarantee QoS.  CCS has proactive monitoring tools in place if your business has critical data applications that need to be up and running 24/7.  We monitor the health of your network and remotely resolve issues before they become critical.  We provide additional SmartNet or CCS hardware and software maintenance as needed.  If you have any of Cisco's telephony platforms, CCS fully manages and programs as well as maintains the UC500, Cisco Call Manager Express CME, Cisco Call Manager CM and all application services.

Convert your environment to VmWare. We can design and support your VMWare needs!

More and more businesses are going to virtual environments with the onset of increased needs for redudancy, better uptime and maintenance needs as well as the decreasing costs of data centers.  Let CCS help you build and maintain as well as manage your VMWare environment.

Looking for Desktop or Infrastruture Support? CCS builds and maintains Windows & Linux domain

If you are need of someone to sell, design, and manage your Windows and Linux servers and workstations, you came to the right place.  CCS' data support group can help!  We are a Dell and HP reseller.

Friendly CCS staff ready to help and around-the-clock coverage available.

We value your business!  Contact our friendly staff to help with any telecommunication or IT infrastructure needs.  We also do full CAT3, CAT5, CAT6 and Fiber cabling.  We have both union and non-union cabling options depending on your facility needs.  If you are in need of video or security camera and point of sale solutions, ask your CCS representative to review nationwide options.  Our support team provides quarterly product trainings at CCS HQ or come join us on the webinar.  Visit which allows you to stay on top of latest CCS tech tips, articles, blogs and more on all products and services CCS offers.

Level 3 Data Services

Nationwide enterprise voice and data services.  Ideal for DS3, multiple t1, MPLS, ATM, Frame, WAN, and more.

Telepacific Authorized Reseller

Voice and data local services in California and Nevada and interstate in 50 states.
Access One

Access One Authorized Reseller

Voice and data services in 36 major markets.   Discount T1 services available.

Qwest Communication Authorized Reseller

Voice and data east to west coast provider.  Nationwide IP and MPLS network, fiber, frame, ATM, metro, qwave, customer and international available.  Long distance discounting packages available.

AT&T Authorization Reseller

Voice and data nationwide provider for local and long distance services.  Wireless 3G, 4G laptop cards and cellular solutions.  DS3, MPLS, POTS, SIP, IP Flex, VOIP T1, and more.

First Communications (formerly Globalcom) Authorized Reseller

In 2009, Chicago based LEC Globalcom was picked up by the First Communication (FirstComm) umbrella.  Voice and data internet services, PRI, IPTK, VoIP T1, Dynamic T1, T1, POTS, and more.  Major markets include Chicago land and suburbs, Michigan, and Ohio.

Verizon Authorized Reseller

Voice and data nationwide provider for local and long distance services.

Cbeyond Authorized Reseller

Small to medium sized T1 bundled rate solutions available at discount pricing.  Web hosting, vpn, SIP, VoIP, mobile phones, wireless laptop cards over Sprint network and more.  Currently Cbeyond is in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Greater San Francisco Bay, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  Great customer support and quality of VOIP T1s.  Pots lines available.  Customers with 6 lines and DSL can combine services on T1 for free minute plans.

Cimco Communications Authorized Reseller

Chicago based discount T1 provided.  Acquired by Comcast in  October 2009, there will be a lot of additions to the service and offering portfolio.  IP hosting and data center optional available.

XO Communications Authorized Reseller

Provides nationwide service for voice and data internet.  Standard business lines, DID trunks, Integrated T1 services, PRI, BRI, Dynamic VoIP T1, SIP T1, 10 MEG, 100 MEG, Fiber, Wireless and more.

Paetec Authorized Reseller

Major market voice and data enterprises looking for DS3, MPLS, multiple T1 solutions.  Complete product line available in over 80 Metropolitan statistical areas across the US.

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